Racialism and stuff


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    Racialism and stuff Empty Racialism and stuff

    Post by Anca on Sun Nov 30, 2008 1:28 am

    hello, people...
    first i wanna say sorry to a guy who's words i'm gonna post here... sorry!

    this is a conversation with a guy from korea:


    guy: Tell to your classmates..
    Korean and japanese or hongkong or rich asian people hate and scorn your people..

    me:they don't listen to me

    guy:do i need to visit your country?

    me:this has many senses

    guy:i can beat it up that kinds of shit people..!

    me:who are you talking about?me:

    guy:your classmates!

    me:my classmates?

    guy:who racist!

    me:but if they don't like asians for their language and eyes that doesn't mean they hate asians...

    guy:i know but it's feel bad..

    me:i think japanese, koreans ect are more racists than us cause they hate, hate it's more than a simple unlikeness

    guy:because white people invade and steal our art master pieces and destroy our country during the 18th~20th century

    me:in this category, of white people, are americans too


    me:i don't think romanians went to korea and steal your masterpieces

    guy:but asian people think every white people is same

    me: then...what should white people think about asians?
    that every asian is the same?

    guy:cause...many white people cannot recognize and don't distinguish each countries people...it's same each other

    me:that doesn't give them the right to classify all the white people as being same
    if in korea are 10000 white foreigners and 2 of them are delinquents that doesn't mean every white person is like this

    guy:but korea or china or japan restrict the foreigner immigrant or achieve the nationality
    so we don't have that many of white people..


    me:that's a international problem
    and needs fixed soon
    but who to solve it if everybody seem to be racialists?

    guy:Officially there is no racialist like as skinhead but asian people just conservative..
    for protecting tradition from other skin color people..
    and culture

    me:i think it's a big distance from being racialist to being conservator

    guy:No it's obviously conservative
    we have long history than white people


    guy:we are pride is very strong

    me:but our countries grown separated, they don't have almost nothing in common

    guy:we have much self respect to our history and we still succeeding our tradition and culture without other skincolor
    as you know asian language is too different eachother.
    we didn't communicate eachother

    me:i'm talking about european countries and asian countries

    guy:maybe you hard to understand because romania is short history country..

    me:short to be, more to come! Very Happy:D


    me:maybe it's hard for you to understand...
    because it's kinda philosophical...

    guy:anyway we are succeeding our countries with pure people over 5000years...
    that made us more proudly..


    now...i must say some of this guy's words hurt me... i don't really know what to say...this is a major problem: racialism!
    each of us defend our countries(that's good i think)...we were right, we were wrong...
    i think some people judge others too fast! they don't even take the necessary time to know them better! here i'm referring about some white people and some asians! don't take this personally! if you're not racialist you don't have to feel bad about what me and this guy were talking. (and i must congradulate you!^^)

    please leave a reply and tell me your opinion! that would be nice!
    this is a good moment to reveal you're thoughts!

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    Racialism and stuff Empty Re: Racialism and stuff

    Post by Squid_sushi on Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:55 am

    the only thing i understood from that guy was that they hate white ppl.... and somehow Asians have been arround for much more time then other civilizations... is he saying that european and american civilizations came to existance after the Asians.. i doubt that.... it was all happening at the same time... and personaly i think it's theyre fault for not eing able to protect theyre national history... if he was here i'd tell this to him

    " HA!!...if u can't protect even u'r national history... then u don't deserve to have a history... much like the thing that's going on in Iraq right now"

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    ELF Mary
    ELF Mary

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    Racialism and stuff Empty Re: Racialism and stuff

    Post by ELF Mary on Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:16 pm

    Racialism and stuff 352896 i can say that in romania are few people that like asian countrys but also we are specials! we like to make a lot of friends and even talking with no stopping but in every country is like this: some don't like X country because...ant Y don't like X because....so we have to be thankful for those that isn't racialists!

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    Racialism and stuff Empty Re: Racialism and stuff

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